The Capital Back

The Capital back specialise in helping victims of fraud or scams get there funds back

What if you could recover the money you lost from Binary Option Scams & CryptoCurrency Scams?

The capital back understands the devastating impact a fraud or scam can have on its victims. Firstly, there is an immediate financial loss when money, often large sums of cash, is lost to scammers. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, is the emotional impact, when people realise they’ve been duped, many of whom feel embarrassed or ashamed about what’s happened. However, if you’ve fallen prey to a financial scam you are not alone.

No matter how complex your situation is we have a solution for you.

Why choose The Capital Back for your fraud and scam claim?

High success rate on accepted cases

Millions$ recovered for our clients

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Getting your money back from a scam

The Capital Back has a dedicated team of Expect who specialize in helping victims of fraud or scams. We provide national coverage, helping  individuals and businesses, recover money or assets lost to fraudsters/scammers. We are experienced in dealing with: purchase scams; impersonation scams; investment scams; romance scams; advance fee scams; invoice scams and corporate scams. Our approach is simple but effective, using proven techniques and the latest technology, we help victims of fraud recover all of their lost funds.

Investigating your scam claim

We have an experienced financial mis-selling team that will initially investigate all of the financial transactions in relation to the fraud. If we believe any financial rules, regulations, codes of conduct, law and internal policies have been breached then we will complain to the financial institution and seek redress. This is always our first point to help you recover lost funds as it can allow quick redress. To assist us in this we have state-of-the-art software, developed by our subsidiary company, that allows us to quickly review financial statements and documents to identify relevant transactions and patterns of financial behavior in order to quickly identify your losses and calculate your claim. By complaining to financial institutions such as banks, investment advisors, and crypto currency exchanges we also get further details of the fraud that can allow us to broaden our investigations. We also have access to software that assists us to trace money invested into crypto currency through the block chain so we can identify wallets as to where defrauded crypto currencies are sitting.

Why use a law firm to bring a fraud or scam claim?

Through a range of techniques, financial complaints and legal proceedings we can identify money lost and seek recovery through the banking system and other financial organizations. The system is set up to prevent fraud and often when Fraud has occurred, we can go after financial organizations that have let you down. We will always do this and will also seek to recover your lost money in other ways. If a scammer is identified and where necessary, we use specialist forensic accountants to help trace funds and we have a network of law firms worldwide that can assist recovery of monies hidden in offshore tax havens and foreign jurisdictions. If we identify the scammer, we can instruct agents to identify their assets to seek recovery from them. We also act for corporate clients in large frauds, where a perpetrator with assets can be identified, to freeze their assets and seek recovery through the courts. We can review the block chain to trace crypto assets and if your stolen crypto assets are in a UK or EU regulated exchange we can seek recover of these assets. We can also provide our clients with expertise in:

  • Financial complaints in respect of misconduct that has assisted the fraud
  • Forensic fraud investigations
  • Tracing assets lost through Crypto Currency via the block chain to recover funds
  • Money laundering methods used by criminals
  • Scam and fraud methods used by criminals
  • Cross border litigation


Steven Jack

I Lost basically all my savings. The Charge Back took my case and was able to recover a significant amount of what I lost The Charge Back was very professional and helpful during the whole experience, and I got the feeling that they genuinely cares about her clients. I strongly recommend The Charge Back if you have been scammed in binary options.

Kate Andrew

The Charge Back excellent service, to recover all of my funds back. I had made a large investment with a binary option company and over a period of time had tripled this investment. It turned out to all be fictitious and then had the horrible realization that I had probably lost everything. I knew I had limited time to maybe recover a little of my original investment. The charge back was especially helpful.

David Irwin

The Charge back was extremely supportive throughout the ordeal of trying to recover some of my scammed funds. Ultimately succeeded in recovering over half of the money that I had lost. There professionalism and there considerable experience enabled them to achieve a successful outcome for me. I recommend The Charge back

Fraud and Scam Claim Types we Handle

Crypto Currency Scams

Forex Scams

Romance Scams

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